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Schleich Knabstrupper Mare Toy Figure

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Hand Painted
Highly Detailed
Made of high quality plastic

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In 1812, the Knabstrupper breed started with Flaeb’s mare, sometimes called Flaebehoppen, who was once bred at Knabstrupgaard in Denmark after a series of purchases. Known for being loud in color, Knabstruppers were highly wanted in Europe. Ultimately being bred with Appaloosas, this step ensured less inbreeding and success within the reestablishment of Knabstruppers. Divided into three different types, Knabstruppers are typified as Pony, Baroque, and Sport, each and every with their very own individual strengths. All Knabstruppers are prized for their health and kind temperament.
Hand Painted
Highly Detailed
Product of prime quality plastic