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Doubt (Caroline Auden)

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Meet Caroline Auden. The closer she gets to justice, the further she gets from the law.

When Caroline Auden lands a job at a top Los Angeles law firm, she’s excited for the challenge—and grateful for the chance to put her dark past as a pc hacker in the back of her. In no time, her new boss asks her to determine whether a well-liked GMO causes healthy people to fall in poor health. Caroline is only supposed to dig within the trenches and report up the ladder, but her tech background and intuition take her further than planned. When she suspects a link between the death of a prominent scientist and the shadowy biotech giant, she cries foul and soon finds herself within the crosshairs. The clock is ticking and thousands of lives are at the line…including her own.

Now this rookie lawyer with a troubled past and a penchant for hacking should prove a billion-dollar company is answerable for thousands of deaths…before they come after her.