/ / / Chuckit! Large Max Glow Ball 3-Inch, 1-Pack

Chuckit! Large Max Glow Ball 3-Inch, 1-Pack

$6.89 (as of March 15, 2017, 7:03 PM) $5.59

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Product Description

As the days are getting shorter, dogs still need their exercise, so Canine Hardware has introduced the Chuckit. Ball Launcher-compatible Max Glow Ball. Simply hold under a light source for a few minutes and this rugged ball will glow for hours. No more losing Fido’s favorite toy when playing fetch in the early morning or late evening darkness. This ball is safe and non-toxic and made of a synthetic rubber. Use Large Max Glow Balls with the Chuckit. Large Ball Launcher.
Bright lasting glow
Charges quickly under any bright light
No batteries needed
Easy to clean
Use with chuck it! Mega ball launcher
For bigger dogs
Bright, lasting glow
Use with Chuckit! Mega Ball Launcher