Nike Zoom Pegasus Review

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The Pegasus 33 is a daily trainer from Nike that weights just a tiny bit over 10 ounces. I believe it is ounces. If I am wrong, please correct me in the comment section below. The drop in this shoe is mm. It is slightly high for running. Now this is 33rd version of the Pegasus from Nike so that means this shoe has been around for more than three decades.

Now for those of you who doesnt know me as much, besides being a sneaker head, besides playing basketball, besides making YouTube videos, uh besides being a student, I am actually also a very dedicated runner. Personally yes I have ran in the previous Pegasus models and it was the Pegasus 31 and yes I have made a performance review on the Pegasus 31. That was when I first started doing YouTube. When I was first starting off I was still actually filming with my uh iphone. So if you guys want to have a quick laugh, go check out my Pegasus 31 performance review. I will leave that link to the video in the description box below. Like I have mentioned, there was somethings about the Pegasus 31 uhm that I didn’t necessarily enjoy, but the main flaw of that shoe for me is the lack of forefoot cushioning.

And that is exactly why I got this guy right here which is the Zoom Vomero 10, because this shoe has forefoot and heel Zoom Air bags. But the main flaw of this shoe right here is the fact that it is so heavy and so bulky. It has a lot of cushioning, but it doesn’t make you feel fast. But that is also what triggered me to pick up the Pegasus 33 this year because apparently the Pegasus 33 have a forefoot Air bag and a rear Air bag, therefore solving my need of forefoot cushioning while giving me that light-weight, fast, responsive ride. From bottoms up, the Pegasus 33 features a similar traction pattern as the Pegasus 32. The outsole of the Pegasus 33 continues the use of the waffle cone lugs over here and then also these two crash rails from the Pegasus 31 and the Pegasus 32 to give you that smooth ride when you hit the ground with your feet. As you can see there is tons of rubber on the outsole of the Pegasus 33 and the rubber itself is actually carbonized rubber so you can probably expect a lot of mileage, a lot of endurance, a lot of use out of this one pair of shoes.

The outsole itself also features a number of flex grooves and one giant flex groove at the forefoot of the shoe to keep the shoe reasonably flexible but to give you that fast toe off that you need at the forefoot of the shoe. Now moving on to the mid-sole and the cushioning of the Pegasus 33. The Pegasus 33 features forefoot and heel Zoom Air bags along with a Cushion mid-sole carrier. From my experience, Zoom Air has been very very responsive in all my other runners and Cushlon is sort of this more bouncy version of Lunarlon. The whole mid-sole of the Pegasus 33 just screams the word responsive and explosiveness in my opinion. Because no matter if we are talking about the Zoom Air in the forefoot, the heel or the Cushion carrier, these are sort of the most responsive cushioning sources that Nike has to offer. And therefore I believe the Pegasus 33 is going to be a very responsive and very very fast shoe. Also on the mid-sole you can also observe this giant flex groove running from the toe to the back of the shoe. Both on the medial side and the lateral side and therefore providing you with proper compression and additional cushioning besides the Zoom Air and the Cushion carrier.

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 also features this Ortholite insole to give you that little bit more of cushioning but mainly stepping comfort that you seek in a running shoe. With this insole, the shoe is more comfortable I would say compared to a regular insole. With that being covered, lets talk about the upper of the Pegasus 33. So the upper of the Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 is very very reminiscent to the uh Pegasus 32’s upper because it features pretty much the same thing. You have a full on engineered mesh upper with Flywire cables and a swoosh at the rear side of the shoe. The upper itself is very very flexible, very very breathable, therefore I believe the Pegasus 33’s upper will be a very comfortable upper to run in. On the Pegasus 33 you can also find 3M reflective accents at the heel cup of the shoe to increase your Nighttime visibility to keep you safe while running at night. In terms of lock down and support, the Pegasus 33 features a internal heel cup and Flywire cables through out the mid-foot of the shoe. The Flywire cables, both on the lateral and medial side of the mid-foot on the Pegasus 33 should do a great job locking your feet down from the mid-foot and back, while the heel counter in the back should hold your feet in the shoe and guarantees lock down.

Alright guys thats pretty much all I can tell you from a try on standpoint. I have not taken these outside to run in them yet, but as soon as I do, as soon as I hit a certain amount of mileage, I will come back with a full performance review. If you guys would like to see that performance review, please leave a comment in the comment section below saying that Hey man you should make that performance review after you run X amount of miles in those. For me it is usually 50 to 100. From a try on standpoint I do think these fit true to size. If you do have a wider feet, or a higher feet, you might have to consider going up half a size because these are kind of narrow and the toe box is very very shallow.

I do suggest you trying them on in store or just simply grabbing your true size if you don’t have a wide feet. That should take care of it for the initial tech breakdown and review of the Pegasus 33. Thank you guys once again for watching my videos. This is of course AD604, I will see you guys in the next video. Maybe in the full performance review of the Pegasus 33. But as of right now I hope you guys have a good day.

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